Grant Application Directions:

Preference is given to organizations with an emphasis on programs for children, youth and young adults and aligns with the following priority areas:

•    Education
•    Workforce Development
•    Health Care especially cancer care
•    Special Needs
•    Non-Profit Hellenic Organizations
•    Non-Profit Film Organizations

The geographic focus of Cinespace Chicago Film Studio’s grant-making program is intended to provide support to 501(C)(3) nonprofit organizations that provide services to traditionally underserved communities. Organizations serving residents living on the West and South side of Chicago are a priority. The Cinespace Board reserves the right to approve grants in other locations at its discretion.

Guiding Principles:

In determining a request for funding the following principles are taken into consideration:

An Accountable Organization: Cinespace Chicago Film Studios invests in non-profit 501(C)(3) organizations that are forwardthinking and possess strong practices, procedures, and policies. The requests should include defined strategic plans, a description of how objectives are achieved, and measurements of expected results. The inclusion of a brief project description in the narrative is required.

Success: The organization must demonstrate that they have additional funding sources, a stable workforce, community support and a time frame in which to achieve their objectives. The narrative section must be realistic, concrete and include an evaluation component.

Leadership Stability: Stability in the leadership of the organization is a requirement, as well as, a proven reputation for results and effective management. Executive leadership biographical sketch is required.

Financial Stability: A demonstrated history of overall financial stability is required.

Innovation: Cinespace Chicago Film Studios invests in organizations that have demonstrated positive change through innovation and those that take risks and are in the lead in the projects endeavored, and outcomes realized.

Sustainability: Cinespace Chicago Film Studios aligns with programs that can make meaningful improvements to the community that stand the test of time.

Grant Requests Limits:
Grants are approved on a year-to-year basis, and only one grant is awarded per organization within a twelve-month period.

Applications for program grants will be reviewed two times per year. The first review period will extend from January 1, 2019, through February 15, 2019. The second review period opens May 1, 2019, and closes on June 30, 2019. Once Cinespace Chicago Film Studios receives the required information, applicants will be notified within 45 days by email.

Site Visits:
Cinespace Chicago Film Studio staff and Board of Directors will make every effort to visit the applicant in advance of funding and or will conduct a site visit before the end of the funding cycle.

Reporting Requirements:

At the six-month interval and project completion, the organization will provide a one-page impact report highlighting accomplishments, goals met and missed.

Please review the following eligibility requirements. To be considered for funding all applications must include the following information. Applications missing the following data are excluded from consideration.

Completed Application

IRS Tax Board Determination Letter confirming not-for-profit status.

Program Budget

Audited Financial Statements (if unavailable, please submit your recent 990s)

Annual Report

Short bios of executive leadership

List of current Board of Directors

Include any letters of support from community-based groups or professional associations

Stewardship Plan

Cinespace does not encourage requests for:

   Capital improvements
   Debt Reductions
   Endowment contributions
   Organizations based outside of the area designated as a geographic priority
   Agencies that are not a 501(c)(3) or government agency


Organizational Information:

Legal Name of the Organization:

Address of the Organization include (street, city and zip code):

Employer Identification Number (EIN #):

Is Your Organization a Registered 501(c)(3) in Illinois?

Did your organization receive a sponsorship award from Cinespace/CineCares Foundation/Stage18 in 2018? (To reach as many organizations of various sizes and capacities aligned with the Cinespace Chicago Film Studio’s mission, we may not fund organization requests for consecutive years.)

Name of Primary Contact:

Telephone Number:

Email address:

Website URL

Mission Statement

Grant Request Amount:

Previous Funding from Cinespace:












Year the Organization was Founded:

Fiscal Year End Date:

Please Provide Total Organizational Budget for FY’ 18

Please Provide Total Organizational Budget for FY’ 19

Please Provide Total Organizational Budget for FY’ 20 (please enter anticipated budget):

Please list your Organization’s top 5 Funders and the Amount of Funding you receive:

Name of the Organization

Funding Amount






Considerations before you begin to write the narrative about your agency:

Please provide a brief narrative describing the specific program for which you are applying for funding. Please include the following information in your description:

Describe what this program will accomplish. Describe the people that will benefit from this program and how this program will change their lives. List specific goals and objectives. Describe what gaps in the community that this program meets. How will this program empower those that benefit from the services your organization provides?

Describe in specific terms the activities and steps you will take to implement the program. Include a brief project plan with a time frame. Describe how you will secure ongoing funding for the program at the end of the funding cycle. What will happen to the program if financing is not obtainable?


Insert narrative here (Please limit to 3 pages or less):

Please direct all questions regarding the application process to the following email: